No Cheat Trivia!



    PhoneLess™ Pouches


    no cheating,

    just pure brain power!


    Get ready for

    the ultimate Trivia challenge with:


    No Cheat Trivia!

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  • How it Works

    PhoneLess™ Pouches + Response Devices aka "clickers"

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    No Phones!


    All smartphones *and* smartwatches go in our PhoneLess™ pouches during gameplay.


    Don't worry- your phone is always on your person, and in an emergency you can always access your phone yourself (as well as during breaks), however, if any team member is caught opening their pouch during gameplay, the entire team is immediately disqualified.

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    "Clickers" to Answer!


    Just push the button to answer!


    No writing, ever.


    Simple, fast, easy.

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    Fastest-Finger Format

    Down to the milisecond!


    Points are given based on how quickly you submit the correct answer, and our system keeps track of the scores throughout the game.

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    Be Present


    Phones down, fun up!


    In-Real-Life (IRL) time with your friends & family.

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    The Greatest Trivia Night, Ever!

    Awesome Round Formats

    Phone-Free Time

    Printed Team Photos


  • unique Rounds

    Only with No Cheat Trivia!

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    Mind Maze Rounds

    Engage your intellect and visual prowess with graphic puzzle questions!


    Test your IQ by racing to be the fastest to find the correct shape to complete the puzzle.

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    Everyone For Themseles!

    Who's really the best player on your team... and of the night?!


    Find out when everyone uses their own clicker to prove who's the one, true champ!

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    Pyramid Round

    The Ultimate Test!


    Question 1 has only one answer, Question 2 has two and so on until Question 10 where there's 10 options...


    Good luck!

  • No Phone,

    Still Capture the Moment!

    Each team gets one printed 4x6 team picture to capture the memory!


    Additional pics Available!

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